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An online presence rightly established could be a huge game-changer. Learn how a personalised digital marketing campaign for you can prove beneficial in improving efficiency, increasing reach, and boosting profits.

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We at Double Click Solutions Private Limited, Understand your digital marketing requirements. Weather you hire us for SEO, PPC, Social media marketing or outsource your complete digital marketing campaign to us. You can be assured, That you are dealing with industry experts and highly trained professionals.

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Our Process

Embrace and establish a presence in the virtual world through our effective digital strategies.


Accumulating and analysing information related to Clients and their Competitors. This helps us determine the present efficiency of your business and site and helps us understand why it isn't ranking as high as it should be.

Strategy Planning

Planning a vision and evaluating different prospects and aspects for individual clients. Based on gained insight a modified marketing strategy is generated to yield best results, in a short span of time.


Plans are executed in a strategic process. Efficient actions are taken in planned phases to achieve the desired goals and results. Both On Page and Off Page SEO are optimised to boost your google rankings.


The future holds endless opportunities for service in the digital realm, and our digital marketers have been continuously leveling up their ways to help our clients gain some online presence. Before you know you are ready for it to achieve even higher milestones.


Before outreaching our work to DCS, we faced many scams claiming to provide effective SEO service and instant traffic. These services eventually just left us with an outdated, spammed website. During this time was when we got connected with DCS through LinkedIn. Their transparent working style ensured the establishment of trust and honesty between both parties. Direct real-time reports were provided with practical solutions, strategies, and deadlines to evaluate results. The team has been nothing but extremely focused on delivering work to the client’s satisfaction. Very satisfied with the company's products, services, and capabilities.

Sunita Desai
Bank reception

DCS has been the real backbone when it came to building our new website. The final product of their service was a very productive site that is easy to navigate and has carefully worked on visual layout and content. DCS, at present times, handles my PHP development work, web design, web hosting, and search engine optimization. Their services have been effective without burning a hole in our pocket.


DCS, in my experience, has been a company that delivers on its products and services. Through compelling and engaging content, influencer marketing, they have proved to be PR savvy. All this has positively affected my social media marketing activities.

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Our Clients

Our Services

We establish a unique selling proposition and develop a target persona in order to develop a marketing strategy that truly meets the needs of the customers. We offer services related to SEO, PPC, content writing, web development, personal branding, and media promotions.

SEO Experts

Get organic search traffic to your website from keywords that bring sales.

PPC Advertising

Receive global and local exposure by running targeted PPC campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your followership & get desired engagement boost on your social media accounts.

PR Distribution

Create an impact. Get more views, reach with right PR and owned media.

Website Development

Designing and developing websites for clients to build Brands, Services and Platforms.

E-Commerce Solutions

Best E-commerce techniques to take your business to the online realm.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has proven itself to be a less expensive marketing method with possibly the highest ROI. From endorsing your business to an audience to engaging them with influencers or to even perhaps be one. The ability to track your customers’ online purchase journeys can now be a game changer. Changing perspective and re-defining businesses with digital solutions is now just a click away.

Why Choose Double Click Solution For Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Get Digital Marketing services designed for your business growth. We have 1000+ satisfied customers all across the globe.
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Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux with the increasing number of people consuming digital content on a daily basis. The rapid growth and substantial transformation has led companies to require right analytics to measure their customers’ response in fine-grained detail. This has not only transformed the industries but has also impacted the traditional way of marketing. Today’s digital realm requires you to develop and evolve digital engagement and technology, strategy and planning, and data analysis in order to make an impact.


For those looking for valuable input and flexible solutions to implement, the Digital Marketing Team at DCS with their professional technical audit services and insight in website traffic analytics will help you create a digital presence and generate revenue using their services like SEO, PPC, Website Development, Ecommerce Solutions, PR Distribution, Social Media Marketing.

We at Doube Click Solution believe in improving SEO and growing clients’ organic presence to establish them as top inbound marketing priority but we understand that Paid Advertising done right will be the best quick way strategy to build brand awareness, generate leads and increase conversions, making it an all-around attractive option for businesses. Our work revolves around evaluating and implementing mainstream Digital Marketing practices strategically to generate effective results. E-commerce websites in this fast-paced environment require you to be nimble to increase their brand recognition and impact their overall web presence. According to recent statistics in 2021, the global revenue from offline commerce channels will decrease by almost 20%. This is where Double Click Solution rightly plans an effective Social Media Marketing strategy or helps it’s client leverage online presence through PR Distribution.

Our Digital Marketing Experts work on processing and adapting the Digital Marketing Funnel to accommodate the needs of your business and customers, like we do for ours.

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